Oahu, Hawaii


How do I schedule a session?

Please contact us to verify we are available on the day you desire. For outdoor sessions, we suggest early morning appointments or late afternoon appointments in order to obtain the best lighting. Once you determine we are available for your session, you can visit our online store to purchase your photo session.

Where are you based and do you travel?

We are based on the beautiful North Shore of Minnesota, USA, alongside Lake Superior (known as the world's largest freshwater lake!), and love to travel! If you want us to photograph your story, it will require travel and lodging fees, depending on where it takes place.
A signed contract is required at time of session or prior to travel.

When will we get our photos?

With photo sessions, you will receive an online gallery link with all your photos maximum 8 weeks (sometimes less depending on the season we photograph your story). We value the quality of your photos over the speed time to have them done. You can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, and also order prints, books, greeting cards, and wall art!

** Expedited editing time, as well as any additional edits including major object and background removal are also available for a fee.

How many pictures will we receive?

More than you need.

Can we purchase prints?

We highly recommend ordering prints from your gallery. When purchasing prints from your gallery, you get the best quality prints that will last forever and be true in color. We do not recommend printing from drug stores or shopping centers such as Costco or Walmart as the prints will be reduced in quality and may not have the same color profile.

The images you order will be printed at a professional printing lab in the US and shipped directly to you.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept the following:
Cash (by arrangement), Check (by approval only), Venmo, or PayPal
* Visa (credit and debit cards)
* MasterCard (credit and debit cards)
* American Express
* Discover (US merchants only)
* Apple Pay, Google Pay, & Microsoft Pay (on supported devices)

How does digital delivery work?

Once our client has placed an order, they will receive an order confirmation email.
Once the order has processed, we send them an email that contains a link to download their photos. For security purposes, this download link expires automatically after 7 days.

To download a single image, click on the 'Download' icon and your image will download directly to your computer. In some cases, it will ask you for your email and pin code. Single image downloads are always web quality for your convenience.

What is an image license?

Photographers (rights holders) give an image license to their clients to outline how the given work can be used. From specifying time duration to deciding on platform usage, the license grants different rights to the party that wishes to use the image. A client’s rights to an image may also end if they breach any of the terms of the contract.

It’s important to note that when someone is acquiring a license to use an image, it does not mean that they will be the new copyright holders as well.

Sometimes called “Editorial,” this is granted for personal use only. Meaning, the images may not be used for any type of commercial purposes. This type of use is common for wedding and family photographers.

While this can encompass a broad scope of business uses, this typically includes the use of images for the purposes of saleable items and products (e.g. books, merchandise, etc.) This type of use is typically negotiated separately.

Again, this can encompass a broad scope of business uses, but typically includes the use of images on websites, social media, promotional posters, etc. This type of use is common for personal branding and product photographers. If you work with me as your brand photographer, this is the standard image licensing type that your images come with.

What's your policy to sharing your images online?

At RCK Images Photography, our policy is simple.
1. ) You’re free to use the images we create for you for personal use as much as you like. So print as much as you want for your home, office, relatives, friends and family.

2. ) You’re also allowed to share on any social network you like, provided you use either the watermarked files. OR

3. ) if you don’t want to use a watermark, that’s fine as long as you tag one of our social media profiles, or provide a link back to our website. We also aim to be as flexible as possible in special and unusual circumstances, so when you’re working with us you should always speak up and ask when you have questions!

We created FAVORITE lists from various multiple galleries and are ready to order. How can we save on individual shipping costs?

Please notify us stating you are ready to purchase photos from your 'Favorite' listings. You can notify us by email directly from your list in the gallery or by using the contact form below. You may also add special notes or comments to any image in your list. Your Favorites will then be exported to a new photo set or collection for you to complete your individual order, therefore, saving on multiple shipping costs.

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